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Wotcha everyone,

Books.  Yes, we’re back to Minstrel Hawley’s epic saga of Epic Book quest completion.

Or lack of completion.

I’m level 64 and a bit.  I’d promised myself that at level 63 I would go back to Annuminuminuminuminas and complete Volume 1 Book 10.  Did I?  Hmm.  No. 

At level 63 many fine and exciting things appeared, and their seductive siren call meant that I only started feeling guilty again about the books when I hit level 64.  There are many reasons for this, but what is most likely the main reason is that I keep running away from the Book quests towards *anything* else because I’ve made them feel like a chore.

Yes, I feel like I need to grind books, rather than enjoy them.  There are very few that are mandatory for advancement through the game, and they’re only useful if you’re at the right level for the content, and I’m not even a completionist.  But somehow, I’ve decided I have to do them all, and in order.  I can be such a muppet.

Well, I was at a bit of a loose end.  I didn’t fancy skirmishing (too much of a good thing can be too much of a good thing, after all) and I was out of relaxing quests in Mirkwood.  So with my guilty conscience tapping away, I cleared the decks and went into Annuminuminuminuminas.

I’d had problems soloing Book 10 previous to the release of Siege of Mirkwood.  Largely this was due to wandering around Annuminuminuminuminas, as whilst they were all grey to me, I’ve always found that elites seem to want to eat Minstrel Hawley’s liver, no matter how grey they were.  And with the place being stuffed full of elite mobs all hungry for a slice of Fabulous Minstrel-steak, I’d die quite often there.

Add to the fact my complete ineptitude when it comes to attempting to solo anything above a champion mob (no matter the difference in levels.  I think it’s summoned adds that do me in worst) and I really am capable of finding *anything* to do other than Book quests.  Including the washing up.

One of Siege of Mirkwood’s many plus points was allowing the possibility of soloing the Volume 1 series of Epic Book quests.  This really does help me in my ocd inspired quest to complete the books, because not having to rely on other people means that I can get them done when I feel like doing them.

Now, I use the term “rely on other people”, but I’m not actually using it in the negative way that it might at first mean.  Me trying to complete group quests for something that most people did two expansions ago means dragging them away from the fun new stuff and into very old content.  There’s no gain for them, so it’s unfair of me to call on them.  I feel guilty for drawing them away from the fun.

Now, that’s no longer necessary.  So the push is on.





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  1. Oh heck, I empathise. I’ve tried to do epic books on my burglar, I really have. But they keep sending me back to Moria and I was so happy to get out and have the sky above my head.

    I thikn I end up feeling that epic books are for lifers, so for more casual players, it’s easier to just skip most of them. It’s a shame because I know they’re good and I’d like to see them. But it feels like so much hassle ;/

  2. I poked the books a bit on the way past, but quickly assigned them to the ‘Come back at the level cap when you’re bored’ bin.

    25lvl’s to go, but can I do it all in Skirmishes? Hummm

    Oh, it occurs to ask: Since they made Volume 1 soloable, is it now soloable at the appropriate level?

  3. Wotcha Spinks, Alex,

    I think the books are fantastic if you can get them done at the appropriate levels. They have great rewards, and some great gameplay in there.
    I can’t comment on whether they’re soloable at appropriate level, though. I hit a solo brick wall at the end (I think) of Book 10 when I went into a solo encounter that would need more than one of me to survive.
    I might have to tap up a couple of people after all…

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