When Guild Invites Attack!

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Wotcha everyone,

I’ve been pondering the nature of guild recruitment.

Not so much the whole “Put more in than you take out”, or even “The guild bank is my playpen” sort of individual philosophies of being a member of a guild, but the behaviour of the guild as an entity as it recruits.

I suppose one of the issues with pondering the nature of guild recruitment is that many guilds are a bit like shops filled with fashionable clothing to me;  I look in the window, but only as I’m walking by, and more with a sense of wonder and terror at what I see inside.

This isn’t to say I’m not a joiner.  I enjoy being a part of a guild.  I enjoy a good amount of guild banter, and I enjoy spending time grouped up with guild members.

I happened to be clan-less in Fallen Earth.  I was happy bimbling about, but sometimes it’s nice to have other people to chat with.

Every so often, an invitation to join a clan would pop up on my screen.  I might get one per evening, sometimes two.  They were completely unexpected and unsolicited, and made me think of them as a sort of spam invite.  Once, I got someone asking me if I wanted to join a clan, but I was afk at the time, and when I got back and realised someone had started a private chat with me, I think they’d gone off.  Or they felt so bad at my inadvertent rejection they were off crying in the dark.

Now, I don’t want to name a specific clan, because I don’t want to bring them into any sort of disrepute, and I don’t want to upset their members.  So I shall call them the Boot-Hill Regulators.

Most of the invites I received were from one or two members of the Boot-Hill Regulators.  Fine, thinks I.  It’s not too hard to have a short chat with someone and find out if they actually want to join a clan, but having said that, it’s not too hard for me to just click on “Decline” and then have a short chat with the inviter/recruiter and find out what they want to invite me into.  No harm, no foul.

But then, the invites changed.  And it was multiple times per hour, until I think the recruiter must have realised they were upsetting quite a number of people, if regional chat was anything to go by.

The Boot-Hill Regular Cadets were recruiting.  And they were doing quite well, it seemed.  But I felt slightly depressed.

I mean, it’s all well and good getting spam invites from a clan, but to then start getting spam invites from their feeder clan just felt like… demotion.

Now, I wouldn’t even think of joining a guild without one of two things; a recommendation from someone whom I trust (I can be very trusting) or some research.  I then like to have a short chat with someone from the prospective guild.  If they can survive my typing for a few minutes and still want to invite me, then I reckon I can join.

Of course, now that I’m all growed up, I’m a lot more mellow than I used to be.  Which means that I’m also less worried about the methods that guilds use to recruit.

Once upon a time I might have felt superior about choosing a guild, as opposed to just clicking on the first random group to spam out an invitation my way.  Or feeling superior about my chosen guild being a select group of death commandos, as opposed to any random assortment of dweebs and no-hopers.

But now that I *am* all growed up, I don’t mind.  I find it strange that a guild that was previously more than happy to spam out invites to all and sundry decides that it needs a feeder guild, but hey, I’m not on the inside so I wouldn’t know.

What I do know is that MMOs are a social sport.  And we all get to be social in our own way.  For some that means staying solo, for others it means getting in a guild.  And seeing as there’s no right or wrong way to find a guild, clicking “Accept” to a spam invite is just as valid as my taking someone’s recommendation.  Or days of meticulous research.  For some people, a large guild is what they want.

I’ve never been a member of a feeder clan.  It’s because I’m just far too special a snowflake to be in anything so pedestrian as a feeder guild.

But you know what?  I’m now pondering that.  Would it be so hard?  After all, many guilds have a getting-to-know-you period.  MMO players are pretty good at vetting each other, in so many different ways.  And a feeder guild is just another way of vetting, but with the added pat on the head for not being a monkey when you get to move to the “real” guild.

Maybe one of the reasons that feeder guilds have always made me feel a little queasy is that I worry that I wouldn’t make it out of the feeder guild.  Do I want everyone to look at me like I’m the special kid who got kept back a year?  The fear is there, but it’s not like I’m some sort of deranged howler monkey; I’m smart, I have social skills, and I have even been known to be erudite.

As it is, I followed Syp’s recommendation (see, I told you I can be very trusting) and joined up with Casualties of War.  So now I don’t need to be worrying about spam invites any more.

But how hard is it to create an alt?



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  1. You could do a lot worse than be a CoW. I’m a CoW — or was in WAR, and shut up you lot in the peanut gallery.

    As for the other stuff… I didn’t even know what a feeder guild was or that they even existed till I read it here. I guess that’s another outgrowth of the raiding culture, which makes me — yet again — blissfully grateful that I don’t raid.

    Not saying the concept is necessarily bad. For me though, any kind of guild that’s run primarily for the purpose of “getting stuff” (i.e. doing raids) and therefore needs a feeder branch so you can be evaluated for your contributionary potential to the getting of phat lewt is one I would never consider to begin with.

    Live and let live, I guess. Sad thing is, non-raiders tend to be a lot more understanding than vice versa. Fortunately, being in a feeder guild (or considering it) will never be one of my problems. 😀

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