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December 31, 2009 at 12:47 pm | Posted in General | 2 Comments
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Wotcha everyone,

An entertaining afternoon, spent in the company of three delightful companions.

Well, when I say “companions”, I actually mean “MMOs”.  And when I say “delightful”…  Hmm.  Maybe monkeys would be better…

Speak No Evil:  I don’t want to say nasty things about Champions Online.  Cryptic have politely allowed me the chance to play to level 15 with two characters, so the least I can do is talk politely about their game.

I’ve created two characters in the British Expeditionary Space Force; Cpt Dare, a Gadgeteer, and Hawley, a…  umm…  Divineer.  It seems that Gadgeteers shoot rayguns and later on have mechanical pets, whilst Divine Powers allow Hawley to shoot big glowy balls of energy that heal or nuke dependant on target. 

They’re both level 2, and have been through the very basest of the starter missions.  I stopped playing when the second to be created, Hawley, bugged and couldn’t complete a mission because the bug meant I couldn’t interact with mission items.  I was intending to restart the client, but got distracted by thoughts of making a lovely brew, and didn’t feel the urge to go back in.  That should change, as these are starter quests I did at high speed in my first attempt at Champions Online; repeating quest malaise, and all that.

I like the way that I’ve been able to create my characters as if they were part of an Alternate Earth paramilitary organisation tasked with exploring space and defending the Earth from a big-headed green dude intent on destruction of the puuuuny human race, during the 1950s.  Yeah, hardly original of me, but Batman was taken.

Hear No Evil:  Lord of the Rings Online, oh how I love thee.  I logged on at half way through level 63, and logged off when I’d got to level 64, which was when dinner was ready.  Not bad, considering the fact that I was cooking dinner.  I got to explore because I’d run out of quests to solo in the area I was in, and I got to face off against mobs that were higher level than I was, which meant lots of care had to be taken or I’d get added to death.

Best thing was that Lucky has finally got to level 63.  And with that, I’ve started raising his other skills, and he’s beginning to carve stuff up.  Biggest change is in play-style; rather than doing most of the damage and living with the aggro, I can afford to sit back, let him take some aggro thanks to his leet dps skills, and heal him.  And as I can now concentrate on raising his secondary skills, his leet dps will just get leeter.  Solo skirmishes are a little less seat-of-the-pants, and more ordered now.

In fact, when I was questing and fighting mobs two levels higher than I was, I began to miss him.  Curse you, Turbine, for making me care about Lucky!

See No Evil:  I had decided that with Eve Online, I was going to leave any past accounts and characters behind, and start anew.  Fresh start, and all that.  I chose a Caldari, as I’d played Minmatar and Amarr before, and I wanted to see what life was like as a Caldari. 

Well, there’s a happy new skin over the user interface, which seems specifically designed to help new players.  There’s also a new player help chat channel, and the tutorials and starting missions are arranged pretty well.  As a returning player, they help to remind me of what the depths to this game are, even if the tutorial isn’t strictly necessary for me.

One new addition that scores highly on the “That’s Genius!” scale is the new skill queuing system.  Queue up 24 hour’s worth of skills, and have them run one to the next.  It’s a godsend at first, because instead of feeling like I have to log on at 4 in the morning or lose valuable training time, I can just let it run until next time I fancy logging on.  Much appreciated.

And I was reminded of one of the reasons why I love playing Eve; naming my spaceship.  Seeing as I’d decided to fling shields at other ships (Hawley in “Playing a Healer” Shocker!  Full story, page 4), I went for the nom-de-plume of Doktor Hawley (Hawley was taken), so my noob-ship was called Malpractice Suit, and my reward ship was named Clinical Negligence.  Bad taste, I know, but being Caldari ships most people will be too busy gouging their own eyes out due to the sheer ugliness to care about a mere frippery of a name.

It was also lovely being able to hunt down an old mate, have a chat and a catch up, and have 10 meeeeellions of ISK thrown at me.  Twinking of the worst sort, but hey, I’m cheap.  I made my first million the hard way a few years ago, durn it! 

Fallen Earth gets some love tomorrow, I think.  I have an ATV to craft (at some point).  And better pistols.





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  1. I was always very tempted to give my EVE ships Iain M Banks names like “He really didn’t mean it, honey” or “It’s only relativity” but for some reason I didn’t – maybe the naming box wasn’t big enough?

  2. Wotcha Ysharros,
    I’ve never got into his books, but I do know the Banksian ship naming policy, and I do like it.
    I tend to name ships on a theme, until I’m either bored of the theme, or I’ve run out of names I can think of. So, seeing as it’s Doktor Hawley, the starting theme is… “I’m a bad doctor”.
    I think you’re right about the long names, though. Short and punchy is what I aim for. I miss most of the time, but, hey…

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