Free Trials Ahoy!

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Wotcha everyone,

I’m blaming the weird unexplainable headache I’m suffering from.  And Steam.

Steam is currently selling Eve Online for not very much at all.  It’s so long since I’ve played Eve that I’d have no problem starting a new account/character, and seeing as the price Steam is charging is low enough, it’s the equivalent of a cheap month, and see where I stand with it.

I also couldn’t help noticing that Steam was also tempting me with a free trial of Eve.

Oh, and a free trial of Champions Online.

So, from no free trials to two free trials in a couple of clicks.

Now, I currently don’t think of free trials as being strictly “free”.  At the very least they cost me bandwidth, download allowance, and time.

The decision for Eve is an easy one to make; it has a seductive call, and maybe I’m more in the mood for sandbox play.  14 days of gameplay will tell me whether or not I want to fly around in space shooting stuff.

Champions Online’s trial seems to be one of those new-fangled unlimited trials.  As long as I’m happy with 2 character slots, one starter zone and no more than 15 levels, I can play as much as I want.

Well, seeing as I already had an account, and Steam had kept all the installation files for me (thanks to the fun I’d had with my first experience of a Cryptic free trial), it was only about an hour before I was up to date and ready to create another member of the British Expeditionary Space Force.

So, why swap my hard-earned and sparse free time for time in two free trials when I could be playing Lord of the Rings Online or Fallen Earth, both of which I really enjoy and are more than enough for me, thankyouverymuch(kthxbai)?

Well, first of all, Eve Online is The Daddy.  Boast about achievements in any game you like, Eve Online is the only one where the game world allows you to actually make a difference.  That’s enticing, but I’ve never been able to get to the point where I actually feel like I’m relaxed and happy in game.  Maybe this time I will, and I’ll not leave.

Besides, the views can be amazing.

Champions Online is a different matter entirely.  I felt like I just didn’t get enough time in my first experience of the game, and that given the time that’s elapsed, it’s only fair to take a second look.  Especially since that second look (unlike the first) is letting me take my time.

Furthermore, Star Trek Online is peeking around the door.  And whilst comparing Champions Online and Star Trek Online would be a bit like comparing cheese to the inner workings of the combustion engine, they are both Cryptic games, and I’m pretty sure that this free trial isn’t just about getting Champions Online players, it’s about improving public relations just ahead of the launch of Star Trek Online.

Now, I’m long past the point of caring about a game because of its name or intellectual property.

No, I’m not a Star Trek Fanboy.  I even have the temerity to have really, really enjoyed the franchise reboot.  Heck, I even laughed at the comedy moments.  Yeah, I rate highly on the “Literally Worse Than Hitler” scale.

That doesn’t mean I want the game to fall on its arse.  In fact, I want the opposite.  I’m an MMO fan, and the more fantastic MMOs there are, the better life is (and of course, whilst I *am* a big fat Star Wars fanboy, that doesn’t mean that BioWare have a guaranteed sale of Star Wars: The Old Republic coming their way.  I’ll need them to make a good game too, before I buy it).

So, I’m going into both Champions Online and Eve Online with an open mind.  Of course, that’s a mind that’s currently sat inside a nasty painy head, so I can blame that if it all goes wrong.



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