That warm feeling in my tummy defined

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Wotcha everyone,

I remember reading an interview with some of the developers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (that’s the first one, not the sequel that’s just been released) shortly after it was released.

From a game design theory stand-point it was really interesting.  Yes, I do find that sort of thing interesting, special geek that I am.  What was most revealing was their design philosophy as to player “rewards” during the single-player campaign.  They stated that rather than give a big payoff at the end of a level (most usually done by virtue of the end-of-level boss fight and a cut scene), their aim was to give out a “That was cool!” moment, every thirty seconds of gameplay.

With a constant drip-feed of reward, there are no “dead” parts to the game; parts that you endure, in order to get to the good stuff.

It worked for me; I was hooked, and that game remains one of my favourite gaming experiences.

MMOs are usually all about the big payoff.  Get a new level, and BANG!  New Stuff!  Then there’s instancing and raiding; it’s all about the boss fight, to the extent that anything else in the instance is automatically termed “Trash”.  I suppose that’s how much we care about the bits between boss-fight payoffs.  The trash is there to be endured…

I’ve finally realised what the underlying reason for my enjoying Fallen Earth so much is.

The post-apocalyptic setting, the humour (that just clicks with me in exactly the way that Blizzard’s doesn’t), the crafting, all of these are things that add to the enjoyment, but aren’t the main reason.

I’ve finally figured out that the reason that I really, really like Fallen Earth is that I get rewarded so often, and sometimes it’s over the smallest things.

I don’t need to get to the next level to gain a reward; every time I do something new, or craft something new, or gather from a new node, I get a reward.  Every time I peel back another layer in the fabulous crafting system, I get a reward.  And the best thing is that I feel like I’ve earned it, because Icarus have chosen not to make it easy for me.

I’m being rewarded constantly, and that gives me such a warm feeling in my tummy.



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