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December 15, 2009 at 4:27 pm | Posted in General | 5 Comments
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Wotcha everyone,

Life continues apace in Fallen Earth.  There’s a part of me that wonders if my slacking has lowered itself to new depths; I can’t remember a single game where it’s taken me about a month to get to level 6.

Of course, the gag is that I’m really enjoying my time in game.

Part of it is me taking my time.  Because there are a variety of things I can do when playing, the levelling is suffering.

Nodes are plentiful, and respawn quickly.  It’s as if the game developers actually *want* me to partake in their delightful crafting system, and have done their best to make resource gathering a job in its own right, rather than having resource nodes so infrequent that it’s something to do when the opportunity appears whilst questing.  In fact, I’m so used to navigating from A to B via resource nodes that I find any simple journey takes four times longer than it should, and results in full (and heavy) bags by the time I get there.

All the advice I’ve seen says to spend points on skills before raising stats, but I’m having too much fun crafting and resource gathering, so I’ve been raising my intelligence and perception higher than I probably should.  My crafting skills aren’t as high as I’d want them; so many recipes look so cool, and I can’t wait to make them!
The important thing is that I’ve got past my analysis paralysis when it came to spending Action Points.  Not having the safety net of a respec is still a little daunting, but my attitude is that if I don’t spend them, I may as well stop playing.

I’m definitely living on the bread line.  It’s all my own fault: every time I get some cash, I blow it all on crafting books, or pens and paper, or some ingredients I’ve just not got enough of.  I’m not worrying so much, because a lot of what I’m making vendors well, and I’ll be looking at how the auction house equivalent works in the next few days.

I’m enjoying the quests.  Between Fallen Earth and Siege of Mirkwood, I’m reading quest texts again.  This surprises me, as much as anything, because my attitude to quests has been “Just give me the list” for so long that I’ve forgotten that good quest writing can exist.
In point of fact, I even refused a quest because it involved a spot of light leg-breaking for a loan shark.  It was tantamount to role-playing, and I felt a bit strange and light-headed for a bit, but that cleared up after I had a lovely cup of tea and a rest.

Ah, the bestest bit.  I love it.  I’ve just started the ATV quests, but to be honest I’m not following any particular plan at the moment.  I’ve got my goals of a couple of good pistols and an Interceptor, but I’ve been working on all the crafting skills at the same time, and raising them up.  It’s costly in terms of resources and cash, but I’m enjoying myself.  At some point I’ll start to specialise, but right now it doesn’t matter to me what I’m crafting; it’s scratching an itch that’s been there since I gave up on Star Wars Galaxies.

Still looking for a clan.
I’ve spent some time checking the intarnet, but it’s hard to find a website for any group that isn’t some sort of paramilitary-based group, and that’s not really my bag.  My search continues.

That’s life in my Fallen Earth.  I hope yours is as much fun!




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  1. Hey man, if you’re still looking for a clan, Casualties of War would of course love to have you. Find me, Ludo, or Screamin Eagle in game!

    • Wotcha Syp,

      Ta muchly; I’ll have to do that!


  2. I still need to get that game, I absolutely loved it in the free period they gave around Halloween. I was crafting oriented too, even going so far as to level both pistols and rifles because I wanted to use the ones I craft. Not the optimal build by far, but it was fun.

    • Wotcha Velicia,
      I’m not an optimal build either; I’m not sure if it’s going to come back and bite me, but I’m having fun and that’s all that matters at the moment.
      I’m not sure an optimal build is as important as it is in other MMOs. We’ll see…

  3. […] also great to hear that people are still digesting the game without rushing through it — there really is a ton here to […]

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