When did I start questing for fun?

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Wotcha everyone,

Skirmishes.  Loves them, I does.

However, I must admit to being vaguely surprised that Minstrel Hawley hasn’t fallen down a big dark Skirmish-shaped hole.  I fully intend to do a scary amount of levelling of alts through skirmishing, but Hawley has been running ‘round Mirkwood’s early areas, solidly questing.

Part of it is spending time grouped up with kin-mates who are running around doing the same quests.

But part of it is that the quests themselves have been calling to me.  And it’s not some sort of Pavlovian response; sounding the Bell of New Zone-y-ness does not make me start barking and running quests as fast as possible.

They’re still pretty much the same Kill Stuff/Get Stuff/Talk To quests, but their dressing is what is attracting me to them.  Almost by accident, I’ve started reading the quest text because there is some good stuff here.

Someone at Turbine has obviously thought about how to put quests into stories, rather than the other way round.  Instead of trying to think about how to fit some sort of story to Kill Ten Rats, this strange Someone has gone out to think about a story, and then fit quests to play through the story.  Find them.  Promote them.

I have decided that this is something I like.  Maybe I’ve just hit an accidental sweet spot; the start of the skirmish tutorial has me (and everyone else, of course) killing multiple orcs in what feels like a pointless time-waster, especially when all I (and every other right-thinking individual) want to do is just dive in there and have fun.  But early Mirkwood questing has so many lovely touches that I don’t want to spoiler out to the intarnet at large.

It’s also the location.  I’ve never been a fan of maze-like zones.  I get lost at the best of times, and I’m worse in video games.  I’m perma-lost.  I also don’t have much time, so spending an hour trying to get to the location of a quest that will take me fifteen minutes to complete can be really frustrating for me.  I hated being a mouse in Moria’s maze, to the extent that I cry whenever I think that Loremaster Herewerd will have to leave Eregion at some point for Moria.

Mirkwood, however, is fantastically evocative.  To the extent that it feels like the first forest zone since Campocorentin Forest to have such an atmospheric feel to it.  I love wandering about the place, and exploring, as well as being able to go to where my quest is without spending half of my available gaming time finding it.

This doesn’t change the fact that I think Skirmishes are fantastic, it just means I’m having fun with the new content as well.

So far, Siege of Mirkwood seems to have been lovingly crafted out of Win.



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