Fallen Earth: Man with a Plan

December 11, 2009 at 8:15 am | Posted in General | Leave a comment
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Wotcha everyone,

Life in the GC is fun.  See what I did there?  I acronymed!  I blame it on watching Tin Man recently.

But what I need is A Plan.  Preferably with multiple bullet-pointed objectives, and done in different colours.  After all, sandbox gaming means I can make my Plans look how I want them to, without needing to follow some developer’s decision on how A Plan should look.

So, in the best tradition of Sticking It To The Man, here are my plans for Fallen Earth:

  • Get some guns
  • Get some fancy footwear
  • Get an interceptor
  • Find a clan
  • Learn a bit more about mutant abilities and suchlike

I can be so acquisitionist!  Look, the first three are all about getting things.  You may be wondering about the footwear, though.  I’ve made some basic armour, but it doesn’t really go with blue not-Converse All-Stars, so I could do with learning how to make some other footwear.  Even if I do love my not-Converse All-Stars.

And I want an interceptor, so I can adopt my awful attempt at an Australian accent whilst saying: “It’s the last of the V8 interceptors” whenever someone looks at it.  And then park it next to all the other Last of the V8 Interceptors.  Yeah, I know they’ll be popular.  But whilst I’ve used attaining a mount as a goal to get me through the level grind in a number of games, to be perfectly honest this is the first time I’ve seen a ground vehicle in an MMO and decided I had to have one.  It looks amazing, and it will let me scratch that Mad Max itch.  Mmmm…  White line fever…

Learning more about mutant abilities and suchlike is part of learning the game, really.  Yes, I’ve taken a few weeks to get to level 5, and I still haven’t learned all of the game.  In my defence, I’ve been learning everything else, and purposely chose to ignore that part of the game until I was more comfortable with everything else.  Now I reckon it’s time to start bumbling around with the mutant abilities, and make more use of them.

Finding a clan is the hardest part, I think.  Everything else is just a matter of time, but finding a clan where I’ll fit in will be a challenge, I feel.  We shall see.  I’m open to recommendations.

See you all in the GC!


p.s.    I noticed late last night (well, late for me.  For anyone else it was probably raid start time) that Steam had Pirates of the Burning Sea for two whole and entire Earth Pounds of Stirling.

It made me sigh.  I remember getting quite excited before Pirates’ launch, as it really looked like Eve-Light, but with pirates (Yarr!) and the ability to get off the boat.

I was really, really close to pre-ordering.  Only to discover that SOE had taken over publishing duties.  Cue one rapid back-pedalling, and when I did get to check it out shortly after launch it just seemed that all that promise hadn’t been realised.

I only comment because I look at Pirates of the Burning Sea, and wonder what could have been; the buzz about it was good, their ideas were fantastic, their setting was wonderful.  Hmm.

It made me sad inside.


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