Whee! Mirkwood!!

December 3, 2009 at 4:27 am | Posted in Mirkwood | 1 Comment
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Wotcha everyone,


I am.

The release of Siege of Mirkwood comes at a busy time for me, socially.  But I’m still really looking forward to spending some time in a frenzy of discovery, as I get to find out what this latest expansion brings to my favourite MMO.

And there are so many aspects of Siege of Mirkwood that I can’t wait to hurl myself into; skirmishes sound fantastic, Mirkwood is a vivid memory of reading The Hobbit at a young age, and the prospect of booting down doors in Dol Goldur is quite possibly the coolest instance and raiding prospect since someone pointed to The Rift and said; “Yeah, there’s a balrog at the bottom”.

Just the notion of adventuring through Dol Goldur really whets my appetite.  The name has a resonance that other games just can’t match;  Ulduar was fun to wander around, but it was only ever a place to grab trez and have a laugh.

Dol Goldur is a place of shadow, perverting the nature of the land around it.  It’s more than Sauron’s home-from-home.  It’s just… epic in nature.

I appreciate that I’m frothing like the worst sort of fan boy, but this is cool stuff here.  The prospect of taking on the Lieutenant of Dol Goldur is one that’s as exciting as taking on a balrog.  We all know that raids are there so we can get the phattest lewtz, but sometimes it’s fantastic to be going there because it’s somewhere that just makes you want to squee! in excitement.

Generally, grouping up for regular questing means that everything rushes by; mobs designed for solo players get eaten alive by two characters, but without 6 there’s no chance of an instance.  It seems that Skirmishes are the answer; scalable by player number, level and difficulty, they seem tailor-made to recreate all the fun of group gaming and instancing, providing a meaningful challenge, and without relying on any arbitrary player number.  And it has random elements, just to make it even better.

I’m really hoping it’s as Made Of Win as public quests were in Warhammer Online.  Which I miss.  A lot.

So, here I am; hopping up and down on my seat because I really, really want to play.



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  1. tis all downloaded at home, ready for me to escape work! See you later I’m guessing hehe

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