Middle? Fallen? It’s all Earth to me.

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Wotcha everyone,

I think I’ve gone into Stand-by Mode for Lord of the Rings Online.  I’m particularly excited about many of the changes that will be a part of it, not least being the new Skirmish system.

Then there’s the changes to the Lone Lands which might see a few of my low-level alts raised a good few levels, as well as really looking forward to bimbling around Mirkwood in my own special way.

Of course, the news that Volume 1 would be completely soloable sort of put the kybosh on my wanting to get my Epic Books up to date.  Knowing that I’d soon be able to do them by myself made a mockery of me needing to get at least one other person all the way to Annuminuminuminumas just to go over ground they’d already been through.  Slacking wins.  I’ll sort out Volume 1 when it’s easier…

So my last few visits to Middle Earth have been to prepare all my characters for Mirkwood.  Sorting bags, getting trade skills up to scratch, sorting out gear.  That sort of thing.

And from one Earth to another…

In Fallen Earth, I had my first sandbox quest.  Find Hawley some ammunition.

My bimbling through the post-apocalyptic landscape continues.  I’d been beating things to death with a lead pipe and a handy shiv what I had made myself (never has the phrase: “I’ll cut you” held such a resonance with me) ever since I had inadvertently run out of ammunition for my two zip guns.  Yes, I had proved my appellation of “Clumsy and Random” by shooting willy-nilly at all and sundry until hearing the “dead man’s click” informed me that it was time to get all medieval.

And then I seemed completely incapable of getting to make more.  I had a sneaking suspicion that I needed to learn some arcane and little-known skill known only to the cognoscenti as…  Ballistics 1.  So I started my search for it.

I searched all over the bits of Embry that wouldn’t kill me.  Numerous times.  Could I find it?  Could I bollocks.  I vowed I wouldn’t ask the Help channel, because that would ruin the fun of figuring it out myself.  As well as making me look like a right noob.  So I checked all over Embry again.  Still no luck.  I widened my search.  Nope.

In the end, I somehow stumbled upon the Ballistics Trainer, who had cunningly hidden themselves in… plain sight.  In my defence, they were in a building, in a section of town that I, for some inexplicable (but probably stupidity-related) reason I hadn’t seen.

One short period of purchasing later, and I’m capable of making my own zip gun ammunition.  I shall never have empty guns again.

Umm.  Well, that is I’ll never have empty guns again, as long as I can find enough scrap copper.  I didn’t have enough.

Still don’t.  I need 4 lots of scrap copper, and I have 3.  Can’t seem to find any more right now.  I could probably buy the scrap copper I need from a merchant, but I think that would invalidate the self-and-stupidity-imposed goal of Getting Some Ammunition.

Was it fun?  Actually, it was.  I look at Lord of the Rings Online, or World of Warcraft, and I miss those days of not having a clue of what’s going on, and slowly learning the game as I progress.  I really miss those days, because it wasn’t just the world setting that was new, it was the way the User Interface worked, it was the way the game engine worked, it was how the games systems interacted with the way I play.

So in a way I’m jealously hoarding those moments of comprehension, and revelling in my ignorance.  And I’m loving every second of it.  The steep learning curve is part of the fun for me.

Because I’m playing solo, I also don’t feel like I need to rush.  There isn’t a “raids at 60”, or “pvp at 25” finish line, so I’m kicking back and levelling as it happens, rather than to some crazy sort of self-impiosed schedule.  And because I’m on my own at the moment, I don’t feel like I need to rush so that I can catch up with all the cool kids.

It’s nice, and will make a lovely change of pace for all the Mirkwood-based expansion craziness that will no-doubt appear in the next few days and weeks.




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  1. A group of us went into the Ettenmoors last night.

    It’s the scariest thing I’ve done in ages, not knowing when somebody might leap out and attack! It was great.

    Unfortunately, it rapidly turned out that it was a struggle of vastly uneven, disorganised forces, so the fights were (mostly) very one sided, rather than the glorious struggle to barely beat superior numbers. Ah well…

    • Wotcha Legotho,

      All too often, pvp mirrors real life. I believe Sun Tzu’s favourite ratio of troops to enemy was 10:1 or greater, so even he didn’t believe in fighting fair.

      It doesn’t stop me from enjoying pvp, and looking for the nights when you *can* get a fair fight, though.


  2. For copper, make sure you have geology (may be a geology trainer in your town) and look around any slopes or ‘hills’ for nodes and rocks.

    I manage to craft about 5x 80 zip bullets a night which i usually use that night 😦

    • Wotcha Pitrelli,

      Ta muchly. I shall hunt down these trainers of which you speak… Scavenging just seems too clumsy and random, at times.


      • No problem, I agree its alot to take in and you certainly dont get shown how to do alot of things but I kind of enjoy the randomness of just scavenging stuff and doing little else 🙂

  3. […] MMOSH re: Fallen Earth – “In Fallen Earth, I had my first sandbox quest.  Find Hawley some ammunition.” […]

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