Hawley, destroyer of amphibians

October 29, 2009 at 7:56 am | Posted in LotRO, Minstrel, Moria, raiding | 5 Comments
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Wotcha everyone,

Recently, I killed a turtle.

Admittedly, that’s not the most impressive-sounding of feats.  And it’s a turtle that many others have defeated before me.

At first, it even looked like a particularly weedy opponent (especially for a raid), but pretty soon I discovered, in true Father Ted stylee, that this was because the turtle was Far, rather than Small.  This turtle was a big turtle.  So much so that it went from being “the turtle” to “The Turtle” pretty rapidly.

I’d not faced off against The Turtle previously.  It’s a one monster, one room fight.  It’s a test of dps, where the idea is to race between the amount of damage we can kick out, against the rapidly increasing amount of dot damage the monsty kicks out.

In an age where fighting raid bosses seem to be more a case of performing random crazy acts at the same time as tanking, damaging and healing, this was a refreshing change.  After time spent in Ulduar, this was a fantastically straight-forward fight for a healer;

Can I keep healing fast enough, and cleverly enough, to keep everyone alive?  Or am I going to blow my power so fast that we all end up dying?

It was also a reminder of why I love raiding.  I love pitting my wits and skill against a situation, and constantly wondering if I’ve got it right.  Especially when I’m in a situation that I’ve not encountered before.  Because I’m targeting other raid-members rather than the monsty itself, I have no idea how much longer I need to keep things together; feeling like it’s just about to unravel when the raid boss drops is the best feeling in the world.

It was the first time I’ve been involved in killing Nornuan.  Probably won’t be my last.





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  1. What had it done to you though?!

    • Wotcha everyone,

      I could come up with many reasons using the terms: “evil”, “minion of shadow”, and “blight upon the free peoples”, but the last time I saw a giant amphibious creature of evil, it was in Battle of the Planets, and the reasoning behind that was similarly unbelieveable.

      It was pure peer pressure. My mates told me to do it.



      • Yep, we just drafted him as soon as he came online and made him heal us, while we took care of that giant mutated evil spawn of the dread-turtle… 😉
        And being an evil captain, I am, I usually don’t think too long about the stuff I kill, ain’t it right, Hawley?

        • Wotcha everyone,

          Yes, Tirnel *is* evil. 😉


          • Ah, it’s ok. I think I might be on this slippery slope after noting the pang of disappointment when I realised you can’t kill squirrels! I mean, evil incarnate is right there, I have a bow…why oh why can’t I vend swift pointy justice?!

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