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October 20, 2009 at 7:54 pm | Posted in LotRO, Minstrel | 1 Comment
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Wotcha everyone,

The Poppets have a reason to be proud of their slacker son.  Hawley Poppet has finally got to level 60.  It happened a few days ago (thanks to the vagaries of scheduling, and the fact that I’m a slacker), there was a small amount of “Woohoo”, and a celebratory brew was partaken of.  A tea well-earned, I felt.

It’s no speed record; I don’t really mind about that.  I got there on my own time, and got there because I wanted to, rather than felt like I had to.  All in all, it was more than worth making the effort.  For all the times I spent lost in the dark, crying into my tea at the unfairness of making someone who gets lost on the way to the toilet in his own house have to navigate Moria’s rather labyrinthine zones, there was a moment of wonder, of beauty, and glorious technicolour.

Eregion, Moria and Lothlorien are great places to visit, great zones with plenty of content.  They’re also packed to bursting with atmosphere; some of that will be hold-over from the books and films, but most of it comes from the fabulous design and stunning vistas that the developers have put in.  Levelling through them has been great.

But it did make me start to ponder a few things about what happens next.

I’ve not looked into it fully, but I do believe that next comes the Radiance Grind.  Getting enough of the right pieces of radiance armour set to be able to go and play with the other big kids in the big kid’s adventure playground.  This might have filled me with fear in the past; with so many people already fully geared up, would I be able to persuade them to go back to somewhere that they’re already sick of going to?

Burnout is something that’s endemic in MMOs.  We don’t *have* to run the same content again and again, but if we want to get to the Mad Hatter’s tea party we have to follow the White Rabbit.  And the White Rabbit likes repeating content.

I like instancing and raiding.  For me, it’s the joy of working together as a team to defeat the obstacles placed in our path rather than gaining trez, so I can be pretty tolerant of going and repeating content.  I tend to burnout on an instance when the content and challenge become trivial, rather than through overdoing it.

Of course, I’m now ready (just in time) for another 5 levels of the levelling game when Siege of Mirkwood comes out.



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  1. get geared up slacker!! Actually, do the books and then by Mirkwood we can probably just get you the very latest and most fabulous gear. I miss our raid chats, badly.

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