Aion: Day… Umm… Whatever?

October 9, 2009 at 3:42 am | Posted in Aion | Leave a comment
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Wotcha everyone,

I suppose I’m beginning to settle into Aion.  I’m levelling slowly, but surely.

I’ve joined a Legion (I’m now getting Beau Geste thoughts whenever I or someone else mentions “Legion”), and it’s a good, friendly place to be.  It’s called Vaatyrium, and I’ve no cause to regret my decision to apply.

I’ve also been acclimatising myself to non-RP servers.  Having spent the last few games on servers with the RP tag, it’s somewhat of a rude reminder as to what life was like before they started appearing.

And with it comes the realisation that me continuing to play Aion is largely dependant upon how well I acclimatise to a non-RP server culture.

The common conception is that RP-tagged servers attract a more mature player base.  I’d not necessarily agree with that, but I would say that the various naming restrictions, added to the various connotations of playing on a role-playing server does mean that you’re less likely to associate with people who can’t find a name for their character.

I have issues with stupid names in online gaming.  I’ve no real idea where this came from, and I’ll always have time for someone who manages to craft a clever, witty name that makes me smile.  Likewise, some people tend to use forum names or email addresses of long standing for their character’s names.  I have no problem with this either.

But some names annoy the pants off me.  And this makes me sad, because it means that I’m not going to be able to respect them, because every time I try my monitor will show me, hanging above their head, the fact that they wished to be known to the server at large as “Lolzboi”.  Or some similar.

I think there’s also the casual indifference to the typed form of the English language.  In the middle of high combat it’s hard to type a hurried warning whilst still obeying the rules of syntax and grammar, but when it’s quiet I don’t want to have to try and decode a message that doesn’t have the requisite number of vowels.  Or consonants.  Or pronouns.  The English language is a beautiful thing, and should be celebrated.

I would like to continue playing; whilst nothing new, Aion has many fine touches that really make it fun to play.  I’m just hoping that my own bigotry and intolerance don’t ruin it for me.



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