Aion: Guilding the Lily?

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Wotcha everyone,

One of the fun things about playing a new game is finding a guild.  I say “fun”, but what I really mean is:

Funny, bewildering, annoying, and at times just plain terrifying.

Let’s find out why…

I like to think I’m a vague optimist.  Realistic enough to know that not everything will go to plan, but still naïve enough to still mean it when I ask rhetorically; “What’s the worst that could happen?”

People who know me well, however, will point out that I’m just a grumpy slacker.

Which is just a shortcut for me saying that I hate looking for a guild.  I’d much rather someone else did; I’ll follow after.  I don’t mind signing up, or following application rules.  I don’t mind trial periods.  After all, they’re there for me to find out if I like a guild as much as finding out if the guild likes me.  I don’t have problems getting involved in a new guild, but finding one annoys me.

However, this time I decided I would not follow, but would find a guild by myself.  I would use the internet for its secondary purpose.  Yes, that of finding information!

One brief search using my search engine of choice (other search engines are available, supposedly.  I wouldn’t know.  I don’t use them) later and I find a listing of guilds on a forum site.

I diligently searched through the various postings, with a stringent set of criteria:

1)    Must have an initial post that didn’t make me giggle at the grandiose claims
2)    Must not be a multi-game guild
3)    Must have a website/forum
4)    Must not be really, really up their own “hardcore” bums
5)    Must not have a name that would make me cringe

Now comes a disclaimer.  I will not be naming names here, because it’s not my intention to cause any kind of insult to anyone who chooses to play online games in a way that I do not.  I love the fact that we’re all different.  I really, really do.

But I must admit to laughing muchly at some of the posts I saw.  So much so that I had to check out their websites, find out about their application process, and check out some of their applications.

I’ve seen them in the past.  All the grand statements, ripe with World of Warcraft raiding hyperbole.  Server First.  Top 10 Guild.  Cutting Edge.  Bleeding Edge.  24/7.

They were serious!  Bless their cotton socks!  And I wish them so much luck.

Unlike many, I’m a child of Everquest.  That doesn’t make me any more or less special than someone who started playing MMOs with World of Warcraft, but I do realise it colours the way I see things.  Yes, I’m an achiever.  But it seems that when a new game comes out, so many players seem to need to hold themselves up against everyone else using so many Warcraft-isms.  But I do take a certain vicarious pleasure when I see them writ large on forums and guild websites.

I’m also comfortable enough in my own skin to know that I am very happy in the way I play.  I know I’m a skilful player.  I know I’m good, and better than most.  I’ve killed balrogs, me.  And I looked fabulous doing it.

So, stepping carefully around any grand claims, I found that I had to make my stringent set of criteria… more a set of guidelines, really.  Very loose guidelines.

What do I look for in a guild?  Well, I want a community.  I want to be able to group up when it’s possible, or solo when it’s not.  I want to be able to drop everything if real life intrudes, but also just mooch about and smell the roses when I want to.  I want people who type using real words and everything, who are on the same mental level as I am.  I want a community that plays with skill, style and panache, and has fun doing it.  Oh, and I want the moon on a stick.

I whittled it down to one.  I then contacted the guild leader in game, and asked a few questions.

Whilst the guild leader was busy in the Abyss, PvPing.  Ah bless, it’s good to know my timing is still just as vicious as it always has been.  Just as they’re settling in blasting not-demons to bits, some grumpy slacker starts pestering them about the guild they run.

But well done to Shuyan*!  Not only did I not get treated like a loon, but I got my questions answered fairly, and politely.  With real words and everything.  That gets a lot of mileage in the Grumpy Slacker Likes You stakes.

Guild application going in.  We’ll see if they’ll take me…


*So I lied.  I named someone.  I bad.  But it wasn’t for anything negative.  It was a well done!


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