And It Has Wings

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Wotcha everyone,

Okay, I’ve cracked.  After reading a few reviews of Aion, I’ve decided to get it, and see what it’s like.  As ever, there is more than one reason for this decision.  And being poor was not enough of a negative force to stop me; I shall just buy neither sweeties nor toys for the next 6 weeks or so.

Am I making the wrong decision?  Well, I’ve pondered with tea in hand (which also helped to top up my moral fibre) and I’m pretty sure that I’m exchanging thirty shiny pound coins for a month of finding out if I like Aion.

Why?  What’s the draw?

Well, the reviews I’ve read were pretty conclusive.  This is supposed to be just “more of the same, with prettier graphics”.  So, is this a sure sign that I’m thoroughly shallow, and vulnerable to the gaming equivalent of a common strumpet with a pretty face and a well-turned ankle?

Call me a reactionary old fuddy-duddy, but I believe in the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  MMO gaming doesn’t seem broken to me, so I can’t understand this constant demand for innovation.

Let me ramble a little on this one.  Anecdotally.  One of my last forays into First Person Shooters was Bioshock.  It didn’t bring anything new to First Person Shooters.  Run around, shooting stuff.  Carry a variety of weapons, with which to shoot stuff.  Follow the railroaded story through the railroaded areas, and get to the end.  From a gameplay point of view, there was not a single new concept in there.  Yet not only did I play it through to the end, I got caught up enough in it to get Righteously Angry.  I *cared* enough to feel emotion about the game, in a positive fashion.

It did this through superb work from the writers.  The world was fully formed and excellently realised.  The story line was engrossing and engaging.  And I got to carry a Webley, and shoot stuff with it.

So a game with absolutely no gameplay innovation gave me a fabulous gaming experience.

And it’s this fabulous gaming experience that I look for.  I can’t care less whether a game is innovative or not, as long as it’s fun to play.

Ultimately, I’m getting Aion: The Really Long Subtitle because I want to see how it plays, and whether or not I’ll enjoy it.  It’s the reason I got World of Warcraft, it’s the reason I got Lord of the Rings Online.  Both of which I’ve played for long periods of time.  Okay, it’s the same reason I got Everquest 2, but hey, sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

If the reviews I’d read had said it was a lame horse fit only for the glue pot, I’d be backing off and leaving it.  But the reviews I’ve seen haven’t, and that’s enough for me to have part with my hard-earned, and make up my own mind.

And it has wings.



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