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September 24, 2009 at 8:03 am | Posted in healing | 6 Comments
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Wotcha everyone,

I had a revelation today.  It was sort of niggling in the back of my subconscious, sitting next to all the thoughts of what I’d do if I had a lightsaber, or an X-Wing, how much weight I’d gain if teleporters existed (the fear, the fear), and where would be the best place to hole up in the event of zombies deciding to walk the earth.  Y’know, the important stuff.

It was the fact that the first thing I check out in a new MMO is what healing classes are available.  Not what classes, but what *healing* classes.

Now I like to think that I’m a reasonable, balanced individual with only a few completely random and unsubstantiated biases, so that when I check things out I do so from a rational standpoint.  I investigate, I research.  And from a neutral starting standpoint.

Yet here I am allowing what information I can find on healing classes to influence my first impressions of a game.

Is that right?

Well, apart from a few blips, most of my MMO “main” characters have been healers of one sort or another.  I like playing healers.  They suit my style of play, and make me feel happy-joy feelings when I can try out a new style of healing play.  So it’s not really that surprising that I look to see what classes are available for my playing style.

So yes, the first glance at what healing classes are in game does have a huge influence.  There’s no point investing time and effort in a game if there isn’t a class that I want to play most of the time.

I enjoy playing alts.  Some of them even get past the starting zone.  But it’s rare that they do, especially when I’m levelling my main, which nowadays is invariably a healer of some sort.

One could also add that the lack of innovation in online gaming has also helped my condition.  Now, that’s a whole different can of worms, and my opinion is that if I can’t think of any innovations to put in an online game (genius thinker that I am) then I don’t get to moan about any games that come out that can’t think of any innovations either.  Whilst we have mindless violence in games, we’ll have Holy Trinities (or Holy Quads, depending on how lucky the Crowd Controllers amongst us are).  That’s fine by me.

It’s not my sole reason for judging a game, but a healing class that looks like it will be fun to play is something that will get me looking at a game in a more than cursory fashion.

I can be so shallow…





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  1. *snif* I really like playing crowd control, but it’s kind of gone out of fashion because every other player in the game who isn’t actually playing a CC class hates it. They hate needing it in PvE, they hate having it done to them in PvP. It must be the absolute most hated playing style in the game.

  2. Bah, and here I was expecting a NSFW, Oooooer missus post! 😉

    @Spinks except in EQ2, where there’s several CC classes still. Well, and EQ I’m sure, but I don’t play that. 😛

    • I really wanted to love the CC classes in EQ2. Just it didn’t seem as fun solo.

  3. Wotcha everyone,

    I don’t think you’re alone there, Spinks. I love my Loremaster, and I love the crowd control gameplay that the class allows. I like tanks, and I like dps, but Loremasters in a group just make life… easier. They take an impossible situation, and make it possible. I love that in a class.

    However, it was one of the Planetside devs who summed up Crowd Control in PvP by stating that whilst things like mezzes, roots and snares seem like cool ideas for a game, all you’re doing is denying someone else the opportunity to play.

    vE monsties never complain about being removed from a fight and beaten up last, but vP players do, and they do it vociferously. So for many games developers it’s easier to just spread out Crowd Control Powers amongst a number of classes, rather than try and come up with a way of banning the Crowd Controller from playing PvP. Or rendering them so powerless that they may as well not bother.

    I do love utility in a class, though. So a healer/crowd controller hybrid? Hmm… That would put a warm feeling in my tummy…

    Ysharros, sorry to disappoint you. 😉


    • Loremasters made me sad because people preferred them to burglars for CC. Not sure if that’s still true though. I really like the idea of a melee CC class too.

  4. CC in PvP is a dodgy proposition at best, as we saw in WAR. I got really tired of being stunlocked or rootlocked or YouCan’tPlayFor20seconds locked, so I agree that all it really seems to do in PvP is deny the CC’d player a chance to do what they’re paying their subs for, which is: play.

    Besides, I’m pretty sure nobody likes to be forced to stand still while someone else delivers the pwnage to them. There are undoubtedly ways of doing CC in PvP but I don’t think porting the PvE methods wholesale (as WAR did, and then some) was the answer.

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