Bandwagons Part 1

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Wotcha everyone

Siege of Mirkwood, eh?

There’s going to be a scary amount of leakage, comment and Prophecies of Nerf and Doom about what’s coming up for Lord of the Rings with the next paid expansion, so why should we be left out, eh?

Well, apart from the Prophecies of Nerf and Doom.

I’ve really enjoyed my time in Middle Earth so far, and whilst there are things that I wouldn’t have put in the game if I were one of the almighty developers, I feel I can look back, judge them by the content so far, and be pretty sure that they’ll continue to put more fun in the game.

Besides, I have a lifetime subscription, so I’m unlikely to be going anywhere soon.

What will this new and exciting expansion mean for Minstrels, Lore-Masters, Runekeepers and *cough* Captains?

I’ve no idea, really.  But I think I’ll be following the leaks with some interest.





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  1. One thing I find is that even though it sounds cool, I absolutely cba to level my character to see the new stuff. So I wonder in future how they are going to bring new players in. It’s a long journey to make from level 1 on your own, even with slightly optimised starting zones.

  2. Surely for a new player it’s all new stuff? If they don’t find 1-60 compelling enough then they’re probably not going to get much out of 60-65.

    And really, rushing players to end-game in LotRO is a recipe for shorter subscriptions. There are probably as many LotRO players that enjoy the levelling game as there are that dislike the end-game.

    • On your own. With everyone you know at end game.

      • If someone is really determined to play with their friends at cap, I don’t think a few months of levelling is going to put them off. On the other hand, a shortcut to cap has the potential to shorten subscription times amongst the kind of player that doesn’t enjoy the end-game.

        MMO companies want us to invest in our characters in order that we become attached to them, but a ‘click to cap’ button is no investment at all. I think the continued revamping of old content indicates that Turbine currently have no plans to significantly speed up levelling, but would rather make the flow through that content more enjoyable.

  3. Wotcha everyone,

    I know how you feel, Spinks. Sometimes I hate levelling characters. I’d love to be in the first wave of discovering new content, and working out how to finish new instances and raids, but quite frankly a lot of the time I’d just love to click a big red button that had “Cut The Bollocks” on it, which would promptly make the character maximum level. Every time I start up an alt, it’s all I can do but weep for lack of such a button.

    Repeating content is not exciting. Not for me, at any rate. Also, the older an MMO is, the more deserted its starter zones become. All too soon the mid-level zones are ghost-towns, so getting those group quests and levelling instances done becomes a rarity. Just having company can make levelling far more fun. But finding it in a ghost-town can be a quest in itself.

    Developers need to revisit those levelling zones and update them (for both new and existing players), but it won’t be as cost-effective as slapping another few levels on, and some new zones. One is something we’ll pay for happily. One isn’t.

    I think Unwize is right in his comments, but an MMO with no company is just a bad single-player game. It’s the company we keep that makes these games sing, and that means persuading existing players to keep levelling alts. Keeping zones busy is more likely to get new players in, and keep them.


  4. I always loved DAOC’s ability to make a char at level 20 (that they eventually brought in), enough time to skip the real ‘look and learn’ but also enough of a headstart to make alting less painful.

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