Of Kinships, and rejoining them.

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Wotcha everyone,

After raiding peaks and troughs, it was more of a peak with no trough in Lord of the Rings Online.

When I finally broke and decided that life without Minstrel was no life at all (or something) , I didn’t really know how much time I could devote to Lord of the Rings Online, so rather than immediately start looking for my old guild, I decided to play solo for a short while.

This allowed me to do a number of things, at my leisure.  It allowed me to come back, bimble around and figure out how to play the game again.  It allowed me to rapidly jump between alts to scrabble for enough loose change to be able to pay off the debts on my house (the one under the tree.  I love hobbit housing).  It allowed me to sit back and enjoy the change of pace, whilst adjusting my real life around playing, and vice versa.

However, that didn’t mean that I’d forgotten my old friends from The Silent Minority, so one of the first things I did upon arrival in Middle Earth was to look them up.  And got a lovely warm welcome and was asked when I’d be rejoining, which was more than touching; the approval of one’s peers is most certainly the only Win that counts in online gaming.  Since that time I’d been bimbling around solo, or even joining in with ad-hoc groups to complete quests (look at me, Ma! I’m socialising!).

However.   I think one of the things that grabbed me and reminded me that it was time to rejoin were the events of Monday night.  I’m in both a guild and a raid community in World of Warcraft, and being in a guild is a sort of default for whatever game I play.  Massively Multiplayer, and all that.  I suppose that the possibility of change just shocked me out of my complacency, and that made me re-evaluate my solo status in Lord of the Rings.  So I thought about it, and realised that of my play time, Lord of the Rings is the game I play most at the moment.  It’s not a favoured child thing; it’s just the way things are.  And the hours I’m playing means that I can join a guild without feeling like I’m just mooching lovely Guild Goo, without providing anything in return.

The Silent Minority have a very active and aggressive Broom of Doom policy, and quite frankly I applaud that.  I also applaud the fact that any Broomed ex-member can rejoin quickly and painlessly, so that was great.   Net result is that after a hearty welcome, I’m now a member of a Lord of the Rings Online Kinship again.  The pace of life is much, much faster than when solo, but I’m also looking forward to fully re-entering guild life.




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