Of Burlocks and Hawleys

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Wotcha everyone,

Ah Burlok, where have you gone?

I’m not sure what to do.  I really enjoy playing Warhammer Online, but I managed to completely miss the fact that all of my characters were on a server that was doomed.  Dooooooomed, I say!  Dooooooomed!

Never mind that the guild I was in merged with another, and they’ve gone off to where the grapevine has told me is Karak-Norn.

I’m a strange sentimentalist when it comes to online gaming.  These permanent worlds are only semi-permanent, after all.  And as those who know me are sick of me saying; “It’s all pretty pictures and ugly code”.  Stuff doesn’t really exist there, so all that will remain in a few years are the memories of some good times, and some friendships.

So the passing of Insult to Injury, and the server its varied and wonderful members lived on, leaves me with the same sort of melancholy that I get when I say goodbye to a favoured mug.  Thanks mug, you looked fabulous with my tea in you, but the dishwasher has destroyed that picture of a stormtrooper that was on you, and the clumsy man at work broke your handle. But in a day or so, I’ll have a new favourite mug, and you’ll just be a memory.

No, I’m not trivialising the whole affair.  I really do value my mugs that highly.  I love my tea, and the vessels that hold it.  Just as I love playing these games.  But when the game is gone, it’s gone.  I’ll not dwell on it.

But what should I do now?  Server-Dooooom has killed off all my characters, so I went and created new Hawleys.  Sort of like a population explosion of tiny little Warrior Priests, on the English speaking servers.

Well, all bar one.  Karak-Norn.  I went there, casually created the character, confidently put the name in and…  Name already taken.

Yowsers!  One of the reasons I chose “Hawley” as a name to stick with was that it always seemed to be free on a server.  That no-one else liked it as a name.  And that it sounds vaguely goofy as a name.

This amazed me.  Who on earth would choose a name like “Hawley”?  Apart from me, of course.  I’m not upset about it.  It’s a name, not a way of life.  But I can’t help wondering.

And this opens me up to having to come up with a new name.  “Hawley” is a default name for my healers, now.  In fact, the only Hawley of mine that isn’t a healer is a Warcraft Hunter alt (I fancied a change.  It felt a bit wierd at the time, and confuses me now) that I don’t play very much.

What should this new name be?  I’m a believer in names.  Names have power?  No, they don’t.  But the only truly individual thing in an online game is your character’s name.  Hairstyles, skin colour, noses, all come from templates.  But the name?  There’s only one on a server.  So the name can say more about a character (and the player behind it) than anything else.

What should I call my Warrior Priest?

I’d want a name that says something about him.  Something that says “I’m dangerous.  I hit people with a hammer, in the face.  I heal my allies.  I get all smitey at the drop of a hat.  I’m a bit grumpy, and ever so slightly nerdy.”

The search continues.

Of course, I’m not sure what server I want to play on, yet.  I’m solo at the moment while settling back into Warhammer Online, and remembering how to play the game.  But in time I shall probably want to find a guild, and start levelling properly.

Will that be a Hawley, or Not-Hawley?

Watch this space.




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